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If you are one of the person who just bought the latest Apple iPad 2 and are having  trouble  enabling Airtel’s 3G service, you might want to follow the following steps.

Before this, you need to enable 3G service on your Airtel SIM. If you’ve already activated 3G service, go ahead with the following steps below; if not, text “3G” to 121 to activate 3G service on your Airtel SIM.

Now follow the steps and check out the screenshots:

1) Go to “Settings” from your iPad 2 Home Screen

2) Go to “Cellular Data” on the “Settings”  pan on the left (as shown in the snapshot below)

iPad Cellular Data Settings
iPad Cellular Data Settings

 3) Keep the “Cellular Data” On (tap on it to toggle On/Off)

4) Now go to APN settings (step 3 in the snapshot above)

5) Put “” in the APN (as shown below)

6) Leave the Username and Password field blank

APN settings for Airtel 3G with iPad 2 India

7) Now you are ready, wait for a few minutes or restart your iPad 2 for the settings to work.

Finally, it’s working great.

Airtel 3G on iPad2

Enjoy the 3G speed. You might first want to check out a youtube video perhaps to test the 3G speed!!

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